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SFP Cable vs. Ethernet Crossover

I'm attempting to link a Linksys SLM2024 to a SLM224G4PS via the SFP slots.  Using google, I do see some Cisco sfp interconnect cables for $120 - $180. (not cheap!)
Is there any advantage to using an sfp cable to using an ethernet crossover cable from one gigabit port to another? Am I wasting my money buying the sfp cable? Thanks! -Marvin
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Re: SFP Cable vs. Ethernet Crossover

1. You don't need a crossover cable for those switches. They are auto-sensing. They automatically recognize to what port you connect.

2. The advantage of a fiber over a wired ethernet are usually higher reliability (no interference with other electro magnetic fields) and the ability to connect larger distances. If you need that or not depends on your requirements.