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Setting up a 24-Port (EF4124) switch with a DSL Modem

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First, let me admit this is my first time using a switch, rather than a router. What I need is an 8 port Wireless router. Most of my machines are hardwired, but I do need wireless capability. I bought a 24 port LinkSys switch (EF4124) and a LinkSys access point. There is apparently no way to connect the switch directly to DSL modem. The documentation is, how can I say this politely?? - USELESS for this :-) The back of the box shows an 8 port switch between the modem and the 24 port switch. Is that really the only configuration that will work?
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Re: Setting up a 24-Port (EF4124) switch with a DSL Modem

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1. You most likely have to use a router. Only a router shares a single public IP address with multiple computers in the LAN. And most ISPs will only give you a single public IP address. Therefore you must use a router.

2. The correct setup is:

modem links to internet port on router.
LAN port on router links to a port on the switch.

Now you can use any wired port on the router and any wired port on the switch.

3. If you really have an access point (i.e. not a wireless router) you connect the access point to any available wired port.

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