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Switch Issue

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Need some help.  Got a 4 port linksys wireless router (wrt54g V5) and a linksys 24 port switch (ef3124 or ef4124 can't recall which one as im not in front of it at the moment).  Have a dsl connection that takes a straight thru cable to the wan port on the router.  At this point i have just my laptop hooked up to the router on port 4 and i have a perfect connection.  I am able to pull up sites, ping and access the router maintenance.  Now i attempt to hook up the switch.  I take another straight thru cable from port 1 on the router to port 1 on the switch which has 7-10 pc's already patched in on other ports.  Now nothing works.  I can't pull up sites, can't ping and can't access the routers maintenance page via from my laptop (still connected to port 4 on the router) or any of the pc's hooked to the switch.  Any idea's of why this is doing this?  Thanks in advance to any help posted.
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Re: Switch Issue

hi , try and connect the straight cable from port 1 of the router top the "uplink" port of the switch.....if at all this does not work , u will need to get a "crossover" cable.