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Unable to connect through switch

I have a small home network and following the failure of a hub, decided to use a switch instead. However, replacing the hub with the switch (Linksys SD205) resulted in no internet connection or network facilities at all. I am using an Ozenda wireless broadband router with firewall, although the network is mostly hard wired.

Connecting the router to the switch and then on to the rest of the network leaves me with no connection. The only light showing on the switch is the power light. None of the port lights are on.

Alternatively, when I first replaced the hub with the switch, the port lights came on and stayed on. Even when asking XP to reset the IP settings on a linked computer, the lights did not flash and eventually XP reported that there was a problem with the network it couldn't resolve.

Am I doing something wrong, or have I bought something I cannot use? Any help or advice would be appreciated.