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link/act led blinks with no cable attached

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I have an EF4124 switch which has been working for over 2 months.   Yesterday a user started having problems accessing the internet. When I investigated I noticed the port he was connected to on the switch (port 9) had the Link/Act led light rapidly flashing green. I rebooted the switch and port 9 led continued to flash and the user still unable to access the internet.  When I removed the cable from port 9 and inserted it in port 7 the user was able to access the internet (problem solved, right?) but port 9 led light continued to flash even with no cable connected.  It has continued to flash since. Does this indicate a problem? Is the switch defective?  It doesn't seem to be affecting anyone  but I wonder if its slowing us down and we just don't see the effect yet.  Why would the led continue to flash if nothing is being communicated?

thanks in advance for any help...


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Re: link/act led blinks with no cable attached

I think you can Unplug the Power from the switch and keep it unplug for 30 seconds and again plug the power to your switch and check if the same problem persist. Have tried connecting a different computer to Port9 and check if that computer is able to go online or not.