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maximum amount of switches on one LAN

I have 2 Linksys SR216 switches on 1 LAN.  Can I add another without any problems?   I am adding on to my business and need another in another location.  What are the maximum amount of switches I can put on one LAN?
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Re: maximum amount of switches on one LAN

Yes, you can extend the LAN with switches. Ideally they should all connected directly to the router but you can chain switches if you have to. I am using 6 switches in my LAN. I have seen larger business networks with a couple of hundred workstations on a switches LAN. Technically I don't see a reason why you cannot connect an arbitrary number of switches in a LAN. It will get a little slower for clients connected through a series of switches maybe and you will run in some management issues if you are running a couple of hundred computers on unmanaged switches but generally, I cannot see a problem. Just make sure that the cable lengths don't exceed the maximum lengths in the manual.
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Re: maximum amount of switches on one LAN

Do a star diagram of your network connections.

A General Rule: 5 repeaters (switches/hubs) max between any 2 devices on the LAN segment (routers connect LAN segments, so stop there). CAT5e or better cable suggested for Gigabit speeds, and cable length rules of 100m or less still apply.