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Incoming Calls not ringing with PAP2

I have a PAP2 connected to an Ericsson DECT phone base station using
Outgoig calls work fine but the incoming calls don't ring. Can anybody tell me the set up I need to rectify this?
I tried set up as per linksys website but no joy.
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Re: Incoming Calls not ringing with PAP2


do you know if incomming calls are properly connected (means, if you pickup the DECT you can talk, and just ring is not sounded, OR you does not receive the incomming calls at all ?

During attempt to call your number, check tha PAP's status page if you shall see the call-in progress. Also check the hook status.

If the call successfully came to device, and if the status is ON HOOK / RINGING, try to "tune" the following settings of PAP2 adapter :

Ringing voltage : 70V or 75V
Ringing waveform : trapezoid
Ringing frequency : 35 Hz

This shall give better ring support for DECT phones generaly.
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Re: Incoming Calls not ringing with PAP2

had a similar problem before
I've tried the trapezoid option and it worked but was not using dect phone. did not bother to change the other two settings,