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Is my PAP2T unlocked? (difference between PAP2T & PAP2T-NA)

So, I've got this PAP2T - is it unlocked (that is, can it be used with any voip service)??   Guess my question is:  Are all PAP2T's unlocked?  or are only PAP2T-NA's unlocked?  I never used it, and am looking to sell it, and am wondering if I can sell it as 'unlocked'.  Thanks for the help!


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Re: Is my PAP2T unlocked? (difference between PAP2T & PAP2T-NA)

if you can configure it on your own, the you can consifer it unlocked.


Locked devices usually have a username and password saved into them or if the VOIP provider is the one who controls the configuration of the device remotely.


If you are going to use it for another provider, make sure that you reset it first ( ****72738#) and that it is not asking for any password and you can log in to the web interface. make sure also that there is no entry under the profile rule after you have reset it.

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Re: Is my PAP2T unlocked? (difference between PAP2T & PAP2T-NA)

Thanks so much for your reply.  I'll hook it up and give it a shot now...
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Re: Is my PAP2T unlocked? (difference between PAP2T & PAP2T-NA)

sorry to open this thread but i bought PAP2T-NA adapter from amazon and I want to upgrade the firmware. I am trying to access the admin page but it keeps asking me for the password and I dont know because i did not any password on this device. I tried entering **** and 73738# also but it keeps saying enter the password and hit # sign.


i cannot reset this device to factory default. can some one help or i am doing something wrong?


I bought from amazon unlocked version.


thank you

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Having problem with my PAP2T

I have a big problem with the PAP2T recently bought on Ebay: I can only make a single call after each reboot of the PAP2T. Please help.

In more detail: If I power off the PAP2T and then power on it, I can make a VOIP call through the device. But after finishing the first call, the device will not pass through the next call: get a busy tone.