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Linksys SPA-3102 frecuently fails

I am new with ip telephony, I have set up a 3cx pbx for a small business with 5 extensions and 2 lines I use 2 SPA-3102, one PAPT2 and for the other extension I use the 3cx softphone. I have 3 problems: 

1.When I answer a call it takes like 3 to 5 seconds to actually take it, the other phones even ring 1 or 2 times more.

2.From time to time I cannot make calls due to a gateway error the leds on the SPA'S look like if someone was using them.

3.Clients call my cellphone telling me that both lines are occupied but no one is using the lines.

Sometimes the errors 2 and 3 occurs together and the way to fix them is reseting the pbx and the gateways and wait some time.

Please help me!
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Re: Linksys SPA-3102 frecuently fails

Try to see if upgrading the firmware of these devices will improve its performance. Other than this, I suggest contacting Cisco Tech support to further look into your concern. I believe this unit belongs to the business series devices that Cisco is now supporting. Try to go to this link for the other business series devices and the site where you can get hold of Cisco for support: