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Overheating on SPA2102?

It happens with two different SPA2102 devices (5.2.10 firmware) that the service stop working (all the led of power data and phone, switch off and switch on). To restart the service we have to switch off the power, wait several minutes, and switch on.

After putting a fan close to the SPA2102 the ATA randomly switch off and restart immediately (the uptime of the devices is 00:00:00)

Is a problem of overheating? The traffic passing trought the ATA (NAT is enabled) is always almost 3Mbit/s in down and 500Kbit/s in upload and the phone is connected using a sip account.

We saw that even with only the phone connected and low traffic the problem remain (leaving the ata on during the night, in the morning we have to restart the ATA).


Why is happening this? is there a solution to solve the problem?


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Re: Overheating on SPA2102?

I Think this more likely a hardware problem. You might need to replace this unit if the device is still under warranty you may call there support hotline for a replacement.