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PAP2T NA Line 1 problem

Hi all, I got a PAP2T NA recently and set it up for VoIP. I get decent call quality using the device. However, there is one strange problem that has emerged since few days. I have been using only one line, Line 1, so far. For some weird reason, instead of getting the dialtone on Line 1, I get an intermittent noise. First I thought that it might have something to do with the configuration. I disabled Line 1, applied the same configuration to Line 2 and it works perfectly fine. This made me think that Line 1 is having some issues, but I have no idea whatsoever why. I did a factory reset but that did not change anything. Line 1 has same issues. Has anybody had a similar issue before? I would be really grateful if you can guide me. If this is a hardware problem, I will have to proceed with returning the hardware and getting it replaced. Thanks
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Re: PAP2T NA Line 1 problem

you have 2 choices, 1 reset the pap2 **** 73738# 1, and reconfigure with diferent codec, 2 is a hardware deffect