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PBX not hanging up - SPA8000

I've just connected a SPA8000 to samsung PBX system, sometimes when an external call hangs up first the PBX misses the hang up signal and does not release the line. It carries on until there are no available lines. The phone system will release the line if the internal phone hangs up first or after about 20 minutes, or I  unplug that line. I've just tried setting the CPC delay to 3 seconds as a work around so the internal person will normaly hang up first. We've done a couple of these spa8000s before and never had this problem before.


I've tried these settings from the post below and it did not seem to work Smiley Sad


CPC Delay = 1

CPC Duration = 0.001



I would really appreaciate any help with this thanks Smiley Happy





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Re: PBX not hanging up - SPA8000

Basically adjusting CPC settings should fix the Issue. You may try to Reflash or Upgrade the Device firmware and Reset to factory defaut.

and Check if it would make some difference. 

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Re: PBX not hanging up - SPA8000

Thanks, it seems to be going correctly now. I just kept increasing the CPC Duration until it started wokring. It still had problems at 0.5 but seems to work correct (so far) when the CPC duration is set to 0.8


Final Settings are:


CPC Delay = 3
CPC Duration = 0.8