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Routing with VoLP

I recently purchase the earthlink truevoice, which is same as Vonage. I also have a RT41-BU WIRED Router, during installation I had to plug into the VoLP first then my router. This is causing me to lose my networking and the share files are no longer active.


Can I still have my network and the VoLP at the same time?

If so , what do I need to do ?
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Re: Routing with VoLP

Yes you can use your network and VOIP at the same time..That's how it should be .However in your case you will need to make a couple of changes in your network.
First thing that you need to find out from earthlink is the IP address of your truevoice device. eg:
Now the IP of the linksys is . Depending on the IP of your truevoice device, you will need to change the LAN ip of the linksys router to
eg if the truevoice is , then chnage the LAN of the linksys to ...note only the last octet changes..
Also you will have to connect the truevoice to the linksys using one of the normal ports and NOT the internet port.
One more thing...find out if the truevoice is a DHCP server.In case this is the case, you will also need to disable the DHCP on the linksys router.
All changes to the linksys router can be made from password is "admin".