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SPA9000 cfwd,cfb,cfna

spa9000 3.3.6, Linksys 941 phones 4.1.15
if i log into the phone itself via the gui and set the cfwd all field to a cell phone or anything off net it doesnt work. I can set it to another internal extension and it works.
If i set the contact list in of line 1,2,3 or 4 in the spa gui to cfwd=xxxxxxx it works but i get one way audio
also if i make any changes to the phone liek cfb or cfna and then reboot the phone all the settings are lost. no big deal at this point since they dont work anyway but there must be a way to save the config on the phone itself.
any help with the cfwd, cfb, cfna appreciated.
modem connected to switch, uplink to spa9000, all phones are hanging off the cisco 2940. Phones are registered with our cisco bts10200.
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Re: SPA9000 cfwd,cfb,cfna

Do you have to dial "9" or some number to get an outside line? If so you need to remember to add that to the beginning of the number you are forwarding to.

I have used the cfwd to external numbers with a similar network setup you are describing with no issues.
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Re: SPA9000 cfwd,cfb,cfna

yup i have "9" in there  but it still doenst work. When you say you have a similar setup do you have the spa9000 connected to a cisco bts10200? Id be really interested in chatting with you as i get no support from cisco or sipura regarding this. If i do a tailt debug in the bts i get the following, notice the difference in the allow events and the error.
this is a register from one of our regular residential subscribers using our linksys rt3p2

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-33c9928d?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comSmiley SurprisedfficeSmiley Surprisedffice" />

From: xxxx/GL#22200 <>;tag=b4c955c589e12924o0

To: <>

Call-ID: 42a2b719-66bd17e0@

CSeq: 101 INVITE

Max-Forwards: 70

Contact: xxxxxx /GL#22200 <sip:345746xxxx@>

Expires: 240

User-Agent: Linksys/RT31P2-3.1.7(LIa)

Content-Length: 430


Supported: x-sipura

Content-Type: application/sdp


and this is the registration from the spa9000 when trying to call forward from the phone




***ERROR*** 10:06:25.265 SIA  Decode1 ------------|SIA: SipDecodeThread 0 - sis_decode_sip_msg failed returnCode = 2, returnStr=L6: (Call-ID) Unknown, remote address=, received message = REFER SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-952d3805

From: <;user=phone>;tag=8ea6f4708d00d980i2;ref=400

To: <;user=phone>;tag=1_1146_f22648_7cm5

Referred-By: "gordo line 1" <>;ref=400


CSeq: 101 REFER

Max-Forwards: 70

Contact: "gordo line 1" <sip:3457431501@>

Refer-To: <>

User-Agent: Linksys/SPA9000-3.3.6

Allow-Events: talk, hold, conference

Content-Length: 0

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Re: SPA9000 cfwd,cfb,cfna

If you have the latest firmware for your SPA 9000 look for the CFWD Bridge and XFER bridge parameters and set them to all..try to check if the one way audio is resolved....
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Re: SPA9000 cfwd,cfb,cfna

On the SIP tab under "PBX Parameters" set "Force Media Proxy" to yes. On the Line tab set "CFWD Bridge Mode" to all.

This should fix it.
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Re: SPA9000 cfwd,cfb,cfna

[ Edited ]
unfortunatley tried all that and it didnt work, finally found a bug in cisco's bugtoolkit
ref CSCse13504
our bts is ver 4.4.1, guess we have to upgrade
First Found-in Version 5.0, 4.4, 4.4(1), 4.5(13)V02
First Fixed-in Version 4.5(1)V07, 4.5(13)V07  Version help
Release Notes

Call transfer from SIP subscriber/endpoint fails. BTS fails to parse the REFER message if generic-param named "ref" is in Referred-By header.


Call Transfer or any sip subscriber features that use sip REFER method may fail.



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