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UTA200-TM Modem Loss of Signal

I recently signed on for tmobile @home VOIP service and been having an intermittant issue where my cable modem looses signal/activity.  I worked with my ISP provider and even added a new cable modem (CM100) and found that there is no issue when the computer is directly connected to the modem.  Once I connect the adapter and router though the modem locks up and the activity and Cable/online light goes out.  I need to reboot several times and disconnect the adapter to get the signal back.  


Here is my set-up ( in order).


Linksys CM100 cable modem

Linksys UTA200-TM VOIP adapter

Linksys WRT54G2-V1 wireless router


Router connected to one computer via wireline, and a few lines are in place which are not active at the moment or since I added the adapter.   Wireless is off.


Any insight that anyone has to this issue would be appreciated. 



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Re: UTA200-TM Modem Loss of Signal

Take out the VOIP Adapter out of the equation and see if you have stable Internet Connection through the router and the modem...