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UTA200-TM no blue light

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I am having trouble getting my Tmobile@home  UTA200-TM adapter to work at home.  I am unable to get the sim card to register.  It is connected to my comcast motorola sbg900 wireless modem.  I took the adapter and sim card to a friend's house.  It works on his computer setup but not mine.  Where should I start?


Thank you.

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Re: UTA200-TM no blue light

if the adapter worked in your friend's house that means there is no problem with the device ... you mentioned that your modem has wireless capability which means it also acts as a router ... i think this is where your problem is -- your modem/router is blocking the SIM card to register ... based on the link below Linksys does not recommend putting the device behind a router


solution? -- not sure if the following suggestions will work but it's worth a try Smiley Happy

1. check if your modem/router has DMZ and try putting the adapter in DMZ mode

2. check with T-Mobile if the UTA200 uses specific ports which you can forward on your modem/router

3. configure your modem/router to act as a plain modem but i think this will disable the wireless capability of the modem (better ask Comcast about this)

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Re: UTA200-TM no blue light

I got mine to work by using the clone mac address option.