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Registered: ‎09-03-2008
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CIT200 - Skype Audio problems

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I set everything up and I was able to use the CIT200 phone and dial both Skype to Skype and Outgoing land lines okay. 
PROBLEM:  I cannot use the Skype Program on the computer screen to do work with the CIT200 phone.  I try to dial the test site with no luck.  You can see on the screen that it is dialing, but no connection with the phone.  I have just about reached the limit of my patience.
I'm using a Dell Vostra 400 through a linkysys wireless router.  My operating system is Windows XP.
I would appreciate any help/suggestions.  Thanks in advance.
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Re: CIT200 - Skype Audio problems

You need to dial the first number with the phone, either from the phonebook you put in the phone or that 1/2 button at the bottom that says Skype.  That is the Dialing directory that you have on the computer.   You cant dial a number with your pc or a mouseclick on a dialing directory and get the audio to work on your CIT200.  The phone doesnt know it has dialed anything and keeps the audio muted. 
You can dial the first number with your CIT200 and then use the dialing directory on the PC with mouse clicks to conference in more people though.  Click on conference button on the pc
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Registered: ‎09-03-2008

Re: CIT200 - Skype Audio problems

I agree with what you are saying, because that is exactly what is happening with my CIT200 setup.
Problem:  You go on the Skype Forum and they discuss the fact that you can dial using the phone or using the dialing directory on the PC.  They keep stating that you have to be sure and have the correct sound settings on your PC! 
I would like to ask if others concur with the statement that the calls can only be made from the CIT200 phone.