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Re: CIT200 Will Not Find Skype

I endured similar frustrations before it dawned on me that a third party may have been interfering with the CIT200 drivers and the Skype software. You may want to check and see if you have Spybot Search and Destroy on your system. Spybot has a background process running called Teatimer that seeks to identify and terminate any malicious processes. Unfortunately in my case that meant it wouldn't allow the CIT200 drivers to initialise. As soon as I terminated the Teatimer process - I got my CIT200 and Skype software running just as they had before. I emailed Spybot (which otherwise is excellent s/w) to inform them there might be a problem. But so far: no response. I hope this might help.

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Re: CIT200 Will Not Find Skype

I had the same problem getting the CIT200 to work in first place.


I ended up going to Start | Run | msconfig and on the startup tab, I disabled the CIT200, Skype and UPHONE which is a second phone my client uses.  Rebooted... and then when I double clicked the CIT200, it sailed right past the "searching for skype" message and started skype and logged in.


I think it is a matter of pecking order for the programs.  When each is installed the default is to have them start automatically at startup... but if they do this in the wrong order they will not necessarily play nice together - causing the "hangs".  Stopping all the auto start settings allows the user to kick things off in the right order.

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Re: CIT200 Will Not Find Skype

I unistalled the spybot and still have the same problem... how do I terminate the teatimer proccess_


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Re: CIT200 Will Not Find Skype

I have had the same problem, not 'finding' Skype, for a week now. Have uninstalled and reinstalled latest driver, removed automatic boot of cit200.exe and skype.exe. CIT200 boots Skype fine but then cannot find it. Numerous reboots later the problem persists. I have used the handset successfully for several years before the current problem.


I do not use spybot.


Can anyone help, please?