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Email App on WIP300

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Ive been trying to get an email account to work in the WIP300. I see it trying to connect to my POP3, but fails. It doesnt look like it ever sends the USERID.
Any Ideas? Im running up-to-date- Firmware/Bootloader.

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Re: Email App on WIP300

Try to check your email settings.

Configuring Your Account

1. If necessary, press the Menu Soft Key, scroll to E-mail, then press the Navigation button to enter the E-mail menu.

If an e-mail account has not been configured, you see the New account menu.

2. Enter the information provided by your e-mail service.

3. When you have finished configuring your e-mail account information, press the Back Soft Key until you see the Option menu.

4. Scroll to Activate, press the Navigation button, then press the OK Soft Key to activate the e-mail account.

5. Press the Back Soft Key until you see the E-mail menu.

Note that not all email services support POP3. You can verify your email service for more information about your POP3 settings.