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has anyone successfully got one of these devices working with a SIP provider? I have tried every combination of logical settings in the SIP tab, and I can see a NAT translation to my SIP provider proxy, just keeps saying 'registering'.... :/

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Re: WIP300

I have one working. Some of the fields do not make any sense. In the "SIP Domain" and "Outbound Address" enter the IP address of your provider. You can probably leave the "Proxy Address" blank. For some reason the phone uses the information entered in the "Phone Number" space as the authentication id, so enter your username in the "Phone Number" and "Authentication ID" spaces. Enter your "Authentication Password" as usual.
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Re: WIP300

My config:
Proxy IP:  XXX.XXX.XX  (my provider)
Proxy Port: 5060
Register Proxy IP: XXX.XXX.XX
Register Proxy Port: 5060
Outbound Proxy IP: XXX.XXX.XX
Outbound Proxy Port: 5060
Expire time: 60
Display Name, Phone Number, User Name : 53XXXXXXX (my phone number without international prefix)
Password: *******
Payload Type: G.729, G.711u, G711a
Packet Time: Small
DTMF Relay: Enable
UDP Port: 5060
RTP Port: 2070
Session Timer: 0
SIP Format: Normal
Firmvare v1.02.12S
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Re: WIP300

Thanks All,

I must have tried 1000 combinations on this thing! It was the auth ID not being in the phone number and removal of the Proxy which fixed it. Seems odd to me as all other Linksys gear uses proxy as the referral to the SIP Gateway but I am getting used to inconsistency :/
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Re: WIP300

Hy, where can I get this firmware version?
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Re: WIP300

sorry it was for wip330