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WIP320 Silent Mode Bugs

Well, if you, like me, happened to notice a new icon on your WIP320 screen (a crossed music keynote) you might start to freak out, because there's no way to remove it through the phone settings !!!

The problem with this icon is that it turns the phone on silent mode. In other words, when someone will call you, you won't hear it ringing and that, despite the Tome Settings being all turned ON and volume set to maximum.

There's a mention of this icon page 35 of the online WIP320 user guide (pdf file). But they absolutely don't explain how to remove it and turn the phone away from silent mode. They ask you to check of the tone is not disabled in the phone settings, but once again, I've tried that and it doesn't work, the icon remains and it will frigging make you crazy.

SOLUTION : reading a similar problem on the CIT400, they were explaining that you have to hold the * button for 6-8 seconds to remove the silent mode. Wasn't working on my WIP230. So I've tried to give a chance holding the # button instead and see if I'm lucky. Guess what ? It worked !

Conclusion: it all made sense now. I suddenly remembered grabbing my WIP320 (just before the icon showed up) holding it by the bottom right corner and pressed a few times the # button.

The # button on the WIP320 has 2 function :

1) hit it 3 times : it will start a SES session (Secure Easy Setup)

2) hold it for 2 seconds : it will run the SILENT MODE

Problem is that linksys doesn't mention these "tricks" in their user guide and that's not really professional.
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Re: WIP320 Silent Mode Bugs

If you want to remove the note with the line through it.    Just hit the up on the directional pad and select " Sounds on " thus removing the musical note thats crossed out.   CIT400 Only