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WIP330 in Greece

Dear friends,


I live in Athens, Greece and I am planning to purchase a Linksys WIP330 Wi-Fi telephone.


However, there are some rumours around here in Greece that the Linksys WIP330 Wi-Fi telephone cannot work with the Greek SIP VoIP service providers. I have an account with Omnivoice, a Greek SIP VoIP telephony provider and, as this model is still widely available on the Greek market and I am planning to get one, I have decided to drop you this e-mail in order to find out, before the purchase, if there is any truth in all these widely spread rumours over here or there are just nothing more than absolute nonsense.


I would, therefore, be deeply grateful if any of you, who happen to have some experience with the possible use of this particular Wi-Fi phone model in Greece, could give an honest, sincere and reliable answer to me about it so that I will not end up bitterly disappointed seeing that it does not work and that I have lost my money.

If it can, however, indeed work, are there any particular settings that I shall have to insert to ensure that it functions properly providing the best possible voice quality?


I would appreciate an early reply.


Best regards from Greece!



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Re: WIP330 in Greece

Have a look at this web site  which covers in exhausting detail all you might want to know about this phone. The WIP330 requires only standard SIP and wireless network settings and there is nothing about it that a normally configured VOIP provider would reject.

However, if the VOIP provider you are concerned about requires some weird or non standard parameter then it might not work, but that would be true for any other wireless IP phone.