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Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

My phone recently started showing the disconnected message. The phone simply isn't connecting to Skype but linksys shows connected in the taskbar (running xp). I've been searching for a solution to this problem in various forums and tried everything that was possible.


Uninstalling & re-installing the software for both linksys & skype, unplugging the base from the usb port, turning the phone on and off, signing in and out of skype, unchecking skype from loading on start up, rebooting..I don't have magic jack or nero or half the things people suggest to close off in task manager. This is frustrating.


This phone is relatively old and the last link I just read dated back to 2007 ( had over 5,000 views on this problem and people are still asking the same question.


So it's 2009. Come on, what's the fix already?

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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

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I am relatively new to the CIT200.  I saw some before Christmas at Fry's marked down to $29.00.  So I tried one...  Since then I have purchased a few more and given a few as gifts.


Anyway, I was setting a couple of the CIT200's up on my parents PC and I was having the "Disconnected" problem until I downloaded and used the CIT200 driver from Linksys' web site.  It seems to work a little better.


I have had the same problem with the CIT200's on my laptop.  I think even after using the driver from Linksys' web site - I'm not really sure.  One thing that seemed to work one time was to use the registration mode where you do the following:


1 - On the CIT200 go into the menu and scroll down until you see the SYSTEM menu.

2 - Hit OK

3 - The first Option on the Menu is Register - Hit OK

4 - It's going to ask you for a PIN.  If you haven't changed it, the PIN is "0000" - You can enter the PIN but don't press OK yet

5 - Press the button on the USB base and hold it down until the blue light flashes (the base must be plugged into your PC, the PC must be and Skype should be running, the CIT200 driver should be loaded and running.)

6 - Now press OK on the CIT200 phone.  This will force it to re-register and sometimes will reset some of the settings on the CIT200.


I haven't had the "Disconnected" problem for a while.


Also make sure that you've given the CIT200.exe program rights to access Skype.  If you've been using your phone for a while I'd assume that you've done this.  If you upgrade to the driver on Linksys web site you will have to give the program access to Skype again.  The program name is slightly different.


I hope this helps.

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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

I took a minute to read the other post that you referenced (original question).  After reading that I have  couple of comments:


1 - I'm using Skype - I don't think that you need to down grade to 3.0.  I'm not currently having the disconnected problem.  I'm using Windows XP on my laptop.  I take my laptop with me everywhere.  I recently took it out of town with me and a CIT200 with base unit.  While I was out of town (over 1 week) I did not have a disconnected notice on my CIT200 once.

2 - I noticed that one of the posts mentioned about conflict with Nero and how to fix it.  I do have Nero loaded.  I had Nero loaded long before ever purchasing a CIT200.  If you're having trouble and you have Nero loaded try what was suggested in the other post.

3 - Someone mentioned about the CIT200 program hanging when it is searching for Skype.  I have seen the CIT200 program take a long time (sometimes over 5 minutes) to finally find Skype.  It seems that if your having problems with the CIT200 program that you can kill it and close Skype (not minimize close the program).  The CIT200 seems to work better if it finds Skype and loads Skype for you.

4 - Make sure that CIT200 driver program that you're using is authorized to access Skype.  If you've forgotten how to authorize a program to use Skype, you have to do this inside of Skype.  If you install the CIT200 and it tries to access Skype for the first time you should get a notice from Skype the program CIT200.exe (this is the name of the CTI200 driver from Linksys' web page - the one that came with your phone on the CD has a slightly different name.) is trying to access Skype.  You can either authorize it or deny.  If you deny you're going to get the "Disconnected" message from now.  Once you authorize it Skype will remember that and allow the program to access Skype.  If you're not sure if you've authorized the CIT200 driver to access Skype you can check by opening Skype going to the "Tools" menu and then "Options" (which is all the way at the bottom).  Then click on advances which is all the way at the bottom left.  Now on the bottom (right) of the screen you'll see a link that says "Manage other Programs' access to Skype".  Click on that link.  You should be able to find the CIT200.exe program and see if it has access to Skype.  There is button on the right side of this screen to change the settings.  So you can click on the CIT200.exe program and then the Change button and make any changes if necessary.


One thing that I forgot to mention is that the last time I was having trouble with the "Disconnected" message I unloaded the CIT200 program (from the Add Remove Programs) and then ran CCleaner (Used to be called Crap Cleaner.  You can get the latest version from to fix the registry.  I've used CCleaner for at least the last year.  It also allows you to get rid of temp files..


So you would do the following:

1 - Unloaded CIT200 Program from Add/Remove Programs

2 - Run CCleaner - Click on the Registry Icon on the left

3 - Click on Scan for Errors - The more programs and stuff you've loaded on you pc the longer this will take be patient it's worth it.

4 - If it finds errors (which it probably will) click on fix errors.  The program will ask you if you want to save your registry before you fix the errors.  I definitely would.  (If you save the registry and have more problems later you can restore it by browsing to where you saved it and double clicking on it.  NOTE:  This will set your computer back to the exact state it was when you saved the registry file)  Then I'd click on the "Fix All" Button.  You can read all of the errors if you want to.

5 - Go back to step #3 and repeat the process until it doesn't find any errors.

6 - Install the CIT200 program


The above process fixes your registry which may fix other problems that you may be having.


See if that helps.


If you get it working let me know what "Fixed" it. 


I'm really happy with the CIT200s that I have.  I bought some as gifts for family members so we can talk more easily with Skype.  I first became interested in Skype (last summer 2008) when I found out that you can do conference calls on Skype.  My family is spread out from Ohio to Texas to Arizona.  We also use Skype to play games like Chinese Checkers and dominoes.


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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

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Check my post here. Might solve your issues.




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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

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I wasted two days looking for a solution for the "disconnected" problem.

It's really annoing to spend time fixing something that should be tested before any upgrade

I was one of the first buyer of the cit200, and from time to time I had the disconnected,Unregistered problem, but until now , it was easy to fix.



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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

I'm using the Linksys CIT200 too at work, but the phone says also DISCONNECTED. Sometimes, it would say SKYPE ONLINE, but won't let me access the contact list, then going to the DISCONNECTED mode again.


So, after doing a little bit of research and reboots, I noticed that COMMUNICATOR.EXE, which is the Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, prevents me to use the phone!


I went to Task Manager, killed Communicator, unplugged the CIT200, replugged it, killed CIT200.EXE and SKYPE.EXE, reload CIT200.EXE, and it automatically launches Skype. Since that, it works.


Hope it would help.

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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

I found that my CIT200 changed from online to disconnected when I was starting Windows Live Messenger 2009.  I uninstalled WLM 2009 and used an older version (Windows Live Messenger 8.1) and haven't had any problems since then.


I don't know of any fixes to the conflict between the current version of Windows Live Messenger (2009) and the CIT200.

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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

Found Fix For CIT 200 "DISCONNECT". 



Yes, This is very ennoying problem with CIT 200. I m using this for more than 1 year. It worked well. I faced this problem "DISCONNECT" 2 or 3 times previously but was solved by removing both the skype and CIT 200 driver and reinstalling. Today i stucked this problem againg and tried all the sollutions according to mine and by other posts was useless.


I suddenly remembered that i installed the WLM today. So i removed Windows Live Messanger and removed the CIT 200 driver, then downloaded the latest driver from the site

And reinstalled the new driver. Thanks God its fixed. I spent my continious 5 hours to solve this problem.


So for me its possible to believe that WLM conflicts this. 


Hopefully it will be helpful for others. Kindly revert me if its fixed. 

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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

Like many of you , I had several issues with my Linksys CIT200 phone. With the ZERO help coming from Linksys side and the 0 reliability of the CIT200 phone, I can assure you I will never purchase or recommend anyone from buying this product again.


With that said, I think I have figured out the solution for my issue with getting "Disconnec" error.  First I must tell you I am running Windows 7 and have the driver set to run on Windows XP (bundle 2).  The problem it turns out to be with some of the other services that were running in parallel, most likley Windows Messenger.  I went into msconfig in cmd prompt and turned all msn messenger services.  Soon as I rebooted the PC and kicked off CIT200.exe and Skype, the message "disconnected" on my phone went to "skype offline" to "skype online".


I think i have it working now, at least for now.  Again, this phone has so many bugs, I might just throw it away and go with a $10 headphone/microphone option.

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Re: Where's the fix for CIT200's disconnected message?

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YES!!  This was the fix I needed.  I too also recently installed Windows Live Essentials (Mail, Toolbar and Messenger),  I removed the whole suite and rebooted the computer, opened CIT200 without having to uninstall/re-install it and it connected quickly, opened Skype, I logged on and made a call to my cell phone for a test.  ALL working GREAT now!  I can easily do without MSN Messenger, afterall, it's just more Microsoft junk!  Anyhow, this FIXED my problem for the "DISCONNECTED" message on my CIT200.


*As a personal side note, I opened my add/remove programs and decided to do some housekeeping, definitely a good idea while your in there!  My Vista Ultimate system is running at optimum now, thanks!



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