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Registered: ‎03-01-2008
I have a iphone wip330 and i need clean wireless ap that is not necessaire.
How i do it
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Registered: ‎03-03-2008

Re: wip330

If you are in Profiles choose option - Delete
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Registered: ‎10-27-2007

Re: wip330

If you want to delete other wireless network on your phone, you may check this one.

1. View the main menu.

2. Select Wireless.

3. Select Profiles.

4. Select Option.



You will see a list of profiles (when you have profiles already configured). Select Option to see menu



You have these choices: Edit (available when you have at least one existing profile), Add, Delete

(available when you have at least one existing profile), Connect, Go Down/Up (available when you

have more than one profile), and Save <network name> (available when the IP Phone is connected

to a network lacking a profile). The Edit and Add options configure the same settings. The Edit

option is used for changing existing profiles, while the Add option is used for creating new profiles.

Select Return to return to the previous menu.