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Can't reset to

Setup: Actiontec 704(qwest) as primary - does firewall & dhcp.  A WRTU54G-TM on net - does the @Home/cellphones and wireless point.  Somehow it changed it's local IP to 24.1 and I can't get it back to 0.1  It dhcp's and get GW of 0.10. The @Home connects fine.  My network is 0.0 and I can't connect to the Linksys router web page.  I've done the hold reset 30sec power off - several times - always goes to 24.1 for local IP.





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Re: Can't reset to

Hard reset your router for 1 minute...

Press and hold the reset button for 1 minute...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 1 minute and re-connect the power cable...It should reset your router to and password both admin...

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Re: Can't reset to

Here is what I found.  I have the orig router on the  Then the WRTU54G CD T@Home software scans the network and finds the orig router on the it sets its self to - IF it is set to "Router" - if you set it to "Bridge" it will allow you to set it to DHCP (getting IP from orig) and allows you to set the "Local IP" to 192.168.0.whateveryouwant :-)


So, I ran the setup - ended up with (and it set the MS windows box to 24.65 (I think).  Then I Web'ed in and set it to "Bridge" - "Save" - set LocalIP 0.11 - "Save" - and life is good.


And that's the way it's going to stay.  If I could "telnet" in and load "my" iptables then I might make it the primary router on the net.  But because someone had ruled that is not allowed ....