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Cascading a WRTP54G (VOIP) with a non linksys router

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I wish to setup my WRTP54G-NA (Firmware Version 3.1.17ETSi) as an extention to my already existing wireless network setup.

My primary router Trendchip HG520 acts as the ADSL2+ modem as well as the wireless router.

I wish to know if this is possible. If so, how?

Ideal solution would be to have them connected wirelessly and increase the overall Wireless cloud.

I have read the WDS guide but the settings are not specific to my routers and I am unable to configure them. Any help is most appreciated. Thanks.

I am Uploadling some screenshots of the Trendchip HG520. Will do the same for the WRTP54G if needed.


Trendchip HG520 Screenshots


Also, I intend to use the VOIP ports of the WRTP54G. Will I be able to do so in the above setup? Please suggest best possible solution.

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Re: Cascading a WRTP54G (VOIP) with a non linksys router

Well you can do the cascading of 2 routers to each other. If you have already configured your Tendchip router and you are able to go online with that router, Then you need connect your WRTP54G-NA to your Trenchip router, Connect the Ethernet cable from Port 1 of your Trenchip router to Ethernet Port 1 of your WRTP54G-NA router, then Connect the Ethernet cable from Port 2 to your computer, Then login to your WRTP54G-NA Setup with the default IP :, Once you login to your WRTP54G-NA setup page, Change the Wireless Settings of your WRTP54G-NA, and it should be different from yout Trenchip router. If you wish you can use the same security level for your Trenchip and WRTP54G-NA router. Once the Wireless Settings are done, then Click on the Setup tab and Below you need to change the LAN IP of WRTP54G-NA ( if your Trenchip routers IP address is : and below you need to Disable the DHCP of your WRTP54G-NA router and click on Save settings. Then you need to click on the "Advance Routing" sub tab below the Setup tab, and under that change the "Operating Mode" to "Router" and Click on Save Settings.This way you can Cascade your 2 routers to each other.



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Re: Cascading a WRTP54G (VOIP) with a non linksys router

Klatch, I need to do the same cascading, but in my case both routers are wrtp54g-na. Should I use the same procedure?