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Help please

is there away to view the password on the linksys http://192.168.***/Voice_adminPage.htm under Line 1


my voip provider forgot to lock the http://192.168.**/Voice_adminPage.htm page and now I can see all the settings ...if I could only see what the password is then I could use X-lite software on the road


right now the password looks like this: ************


is there away that's not to hard for a newbie to figure out what the password is?


thanks for any one that can help


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Re: Help please

By default, there is no password for the unit. You VoIP provider must have provisioned the unit and has the password. There is no way to know the password of the unit other that verifying it from the VoIP provider who supplied you the unit.
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Re: Help please

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lol, you must not no to much about what I'm talking about, the provider put the stuff in manually he did not provision the router, the the voice admin is not locked in any way .... thanks for trying to help though



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