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Help with spa21o1

Im new to this , Im trying to to enable static dhcp lease setting but it keeps invalid entry. Why??? I try diff. Ip ?? still no good . I' m suree mac is good only one pc is running


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Re: Help with spa21o1

I think that you were referring to the SPA2102, not sure if SPA2101 really exist? Although I’m getting info from the net that it is the model bundled with Sun Rocket before, anyway please verify the model and the VoIP provider for his unit. As for his issue with the “Static DHCP Lease Settings”, verify the MAC address that he’s trying to setup on the router to see if it’s really a valid (note: the router only accepts 12 characters so the separators “:” or “-“  should be omitted), is the IP that he’s trying to setup for the static DHCP within the DHCP range (determined by the “starting IP address” and “Number of Client IP Addresses”), is he login to the web UI as a “User” or “Admin”