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RTP300 Firmware Upgrade Problem

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I have an unlocked RTP300, with firmware 3.1.17, and I wish to upgrade to the latest (3.1.24). I keep getting a "No/Invalid Magic Number" when trying to upgrade, any idea why?




One thing that I thought was weird is that I downloaded the .img file from the US website, since the RTP300 does not seem to be available to the Canadian market, it keeps saying that the Model and the Serial numbers are invalid, but not on the US website.


The fundamental reason for the upgrade is that when we use the Flash feature of the phone to get to the waiting caller back and forth, we sometimes loose the phone. The line seems dead but I suspect that it's the incoming sound that is not coming thru. I never loose the Internet connection, but if I just reboot the router, everything gets fixed. I'm hoping the upgrade will fix this issue.




Any hint would be appreciated, on the upgrade or on the Flash bug, thank you in advance!



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