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Registered: ‎12-22-2009

SPA-3102 Line is disconnecting every 10 minutes and 40 sec


I've a SPA-3102 connected behind a Motorola router, for any reason I'm not able to find, each time you call someone, after 10 min and 40 sec, the line cuts, and you have to call back.


Software Version: 3.3.6(GW) Hardware Version: 1.4.5(a)


SPA-3102 has a fix IP, and config has been done by my phone IP provider, does anyone have an idea which settings needs to be modified to avoid this cut?

Thanks for your help

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Re: SPA-3102 Line is disconnecting every 10 minutes and 40 sec

I think under the “Regional” tab, you will have “Control Timer Values” and I belive thios is where you have to adjest the timer. I am not quite sure as well what parameters are needed to tweek in this section but I am sure that it should be one of them. Maybe try adjusting the “Reorder delay”. I suggest contacting Cisco Tech support to further look into your concern. I believe this unit belongs to the business series devices that Cisco is now supporting. Try to go to this link for the other business series devices and the site where you can get hold of Cisco for support: