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SPA3102 with vpn


My current setup is two SPA3102, one in the USA, with no problems on connectivity side,  the problem is with the one stationed in the UAE as VOIP is blocked, I'm thinking about using direct IP dialling but i thought i still need to establish a sort of a VPN ,


1) What kind of router do i need for the VPN?, what are the options to buy?

2) do i need to install anything else on the USA side?


As I'm a newbie with minimal knowledge on this networking stufff, please guys give me detailed answers, 

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Re: SPA3102 with vpn

I think this set up it not going to work also. Remember that VoIP and VPN are totally different and uses different service ports. If UAE side blocks the VoIP ports, VPN will go through but VoIP won’t work. If there are really n0o means to ensure that the VoIP service ports are going to be allowed by a Internet provider in UAE, I suggest considering other means to get a much better way to communicate from that country. Other than these, I suggest contacting Cisco Tech support to further look into your concern. I believe this unit belongs to the business series devices that Cisco is now supporting. Try to go to this link for the other business series devices and the site where you can get hold of Cisco for support: