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WRT610N and VoIP Devices

My company and I have been using Linksys systems for sometime.  I decided to upgrade to the WRT610N have now have encountered, like so many others, that it does not play nice with VoIP devices, especially multiple devices.  Apparently there is a clash of sip ports within the devices.  I have three Linksys SPA on my deck and if all are connected then some if not all devices lose connectivity to one or all ports and the phone will not work.  Use just one phone and you are good to go.  Obviously that is not the case with my 160n.  What is recommended?  What firmware update is in the works?  How soon?
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Re: WRT610N and VoIP Devices

Can you provide your network setup and the model numbers of all your devices and also what is the current firmware version of your wrt610n.


I suggest contacting Cisco Tech support to further look into your concern. I believe this unit belongs to the business series devices that Cisco is now supporting. Try to go to this link for the other business series devices and the site where you can get hold of Cisco for support:

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Re: WRT610N and VoIP Devices

Thank you so much for your response.  Below is the information you requested:


1. Linksys SPA 942- 

Product Information Product Name: SPA-942 Serial Number: 4LO00HA02119 Software Version: 6.1.5(a) Hardware Version: 2.0.1(5831)


2. Linksys SPA 941-


Product Information Product Name: SPA-941 Serial Number: 88014FA29358 Software Version: 5.1.8 Hardware Version: 1.0.0(580a)


3. Linksys PAP2-


Product Name: PAP2T Serial Number: FLI00H522532
Software Version: 5.1.6(LS) Hardware Version: 0.3.5

 4. Linksys WRT 610n-


  Capture(share.firmwFirmware Version:  1.00.03 B15  May. 14, 2009

Firmware Verification:  4bc2835657a4bddcded0985445f3ba8b


5. Network setup:  Cable modem (all ports open and confirmed) (other router works fine WRT 160n) to WRT 610n to all phones and ATA.















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Re: WRT610N and VoIP Devices

Upgraded to 2.00.00 B5 and no change.  Still does not let more than one SIP device connect.