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WRTP54G - No Default Gateway


I have had this WRTP54G router for a few years now, and it is constantly losing internet connection.  I'm relatively knowledgable about these things, but I just can't solve this, and i'm about to give up.  Basically, if I restore the router to factory default I will get anywhere from 1 hour to 1 weeks worth of internet access on my ROGERS ISP. 


-Firmware version: 5.01.04

-It is connected to a SurfBoard SB5100 cable modem to the WAN port.

-The wireless is turned ON with WEP on channel 11

-Internal DHCP server is on and functioning, as any computer that connects wireless or lan works and can see each other fine on the network

-When the router stops working, and I go look at the status page, I see that it does have an IP address, a subnet mask, and a DNS number, however the "Default Gateway" is set to 


I can reset the router and it will not fix the problem.  If I unplug it, and leave it for about 5-10 minutes then plug it in, it will grab a proper Default Gateway number and work for 1 hour to 1 week.  Some days it fails every hour, sometimes even in less time. Unfortunately, the firmware is locked via Vonage.  As for getting help from Vonage, they have ceased support for this router due to the high volume of problems, and they refuse to help me, so I am only left with Linksys as the manufacturer of the product for help.  I've also searched far and wide for a solution online with no avail. It seems many have this issue, and no one has a solution.


Does anyone know how to stop this router from losing the Default Gateway number?  Is there a firmware version that perhaps corrects this, or a hardware mod I can solder to solve this (ie replacing a faulty resistor)?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: WRTP54G - No Default Gateway

Have you done Mac-cloning on the router..?


If not then,do mac address cloning on the router and check.