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WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

I am trying to get access to some of the interesting levels in the setup, including fw upgrade. However after using router user/pass, I am prompted with:
Error: User not allowed to login this user level. 
The documentation always ends with "Contact Vonage" even though I have nothing to do with them or their service...
Can anybody help?
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Re: WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

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Download the firmware from the Linksys download site then try typing this hidden link on your IE browser and see if it works

The username is user and the password is tivonpw

Found this on a VOIP forum for Vonage, if in case the password does not work, then Vonage has locked the firmware already on your router with a different one. You have to call Vonage if that does not work. Even if you are not subscribed with Vonage, some routers are already locked from the time you buy it from stores... and the time it was conceived....goodluck guys! Smiley Wink


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Re: WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

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Thanks for the reply, but it didn't work. I still get the error when I try to login...

I have written an email to Linksys support. Hopefully they know what to do...

They didn't
My letter to support
I think, that a firmware upgrade will help.
How do I do? Your manuals all refer to some company called Vonage,
who has nothing to do with me.
Their reply
From what you have described, you were having problems upgrading the firmware
version on your router. The firmware upgrade tab is restricted by Vonage.
You would need to contact them to access it

That's absurd... Can they actually be selling Vonage restricted products on the other side of the world? I was not informed of that at any time while purchasing the router. Most likely the guy didn't read my email through and just played the ball to vonage. I just wrote Vonage about the issue...

Response from Vonage:

We understand from your e-mail that you are unable to upgrade the
firmware in WRTP54G. We kindly inform that, you have to register your
device with vonage and then you are able to access that authentication.

So where do I do that?, I wrote them back... They told me where and I wrote them back, that it didn't work...

Their response

We understand from your e-mail that you are unable to register your device.
We kindly inform that this not our device.
So please contact linksys.

Typical... Back to Linksys customer service

I wrote to Linksys:
So... What do we do now?
I still need to unlock my router. What are the username and password for firmware upgrade?

... a few days later...

Linksys haven't replyed yet, so I called the Danish Linksys support.
They said:
We have nothing to do with the firmware. Your Voip supplyer, where you bought the device has it.
I told them, that I bought it in a computerstore. They replied that
oh... then they have the password.

Of course they didn't but I still called the computerstore's support.
They told me, that it sounded weird and if I dropped them an email, they would contact Linksys.
So I did...

Now I'm waiting for a reply.

They replied:
If Linksys didn't help me when I contactet them, then the computerstore can't make them help me.

They buy the routers in China and sell them without ever knowing anything about the product (incl. passwords).
So I guess it is up to me to annoy Linksys as much as possible! ... Buggerit!

I called Linksys again... nothing. Except:
They do not setup the firmware in the routers.
The computerstore are contacting Linksys an maybe their distributor in china to get the password.
If I wasn't a nerd, I would never have found out about the firmware tab... So I guess I brought it on myself...

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Re: WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

its a vonage locked device so only way to get firmware upgrades is to get vonage service and pay for their crappy service... Linksys wont give you the password as they dont have it thats something that is provisioned by vonage and vonage wont give it out either.... dont bother I've already tried.. I even went as far as filling complaints with Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Agency and vonage just replies with a part of their Terms of Service...
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Re: WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

for logon its "Admin" and with NO password .. says it in the manual, cuz i had the same problem.
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Re: WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

Hey, I just figured this out -- login using your admin username and password, and while you're still logged in either open a new browser session or enter this URL into the address bar:

The username is user and the password is tivonpw

doing this will unlock the firmware upgrade link -- the trick is you have to already be loged into the router prior to accessing the update link...

now where can you get a good firmware replacement?

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Re: WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

No, sorry. That is the "standard" way to do it.
It doesn't work for mine.
The thing is: The shop I bought it in got it directly from china, and someone in china made up the password and forgot to send it along.
So... I'm still waiting for a reply from the shop regarding the password.
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Hacking/Unlocking A Linksys/Vonage Locked WRTP54G

If you have a Linksys/Vonage WRTP54G, you may want to read posts in this thread and this thread. The posts will teach you on how to hack your Linksys/Vonage WRTP54G VoIP router and possibly to get rid off Vonage completely by flashing your router with a modded WRTP54G-NA v3.1.17 firmware.

Good luck.
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Re: WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

Hi, I had the same problem but I solved it. In my case it was only my mistake :I was typing "admin" instead "Admin" for the user. So try again leaving blank the password field.
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Re: WRTP54G firmware upgrade user/pass

Try first 8 characters from your new password.