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WRTU54G-TM Port Forwarding

I have seen this a few times in this forum without an answer.

Runnung this router with v1.00.15 firmware, port forwarding does not work. 

Multiple reboots / resets does not do anything.


I would rather use my DIR-625 for my main router to handle the forwarding, but the sim in the WRTU54G-TM would never register being behinid the dlink so I need to fisuger out how to get the forwarding working on the WRTU54G-TM.





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Re: WRTU54G-TM Port Forwarding

Did you try Port Triggering or DMZ if Port Forwarding does not work...
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Re: WRTU54G-TM Port Forwarding

I have one of these with a phone system set in the DMZ, I tryed port forwordind too, but it wont work. Some ports are open, like 6801, 6802, but not 50098-50508. I have set up other systems with different routers, so I dont think I'm missing something simple. Any advice would be helpful!