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WRTU54G-TM and wireless disconnects

Having an issue where I have one main desktop thats hardwired into the router, and then several devices that are connected via wireless a macbook running OS 10.5 and a windows 7 laptop along with a canon printer.  THe issue I am seeing is the wireless devices (macbook and windows 7 laptop) will loose connectivity to the wireless printer.  THe desktop will be able to talk to the printer just fine, but my two wireless laptops are unable to.  If i reboot the printer everything is fine, for awhile, and then eventually the printer just stops responding to pings from my laptops but the desktop can ping it just fine.  Thoughts and just a review:


Desktop - hardwire

macbook - wireless

windows 7 laptop - wireless

canon printer - wirless

brother laser - hardware


laptops can always print to brother, only sometimes to the canon, when it cant print to canon, it cant ping it either

desktop can print all the time, even when the laptop are unable to ping the canon printer, it can ping it just fine 

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Re: WRTU54G-TM and wireless disconnects

When you both the Wireless Computers are unable to print or ping to your printer, are your both the wireless computers are able to go Online? 

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Re: WRTU54G-TM and wireless disconnects

I just cant seem to put my finger on it, all my devices (laptops/desktops) always have access to internet, its intermittent access to the wirless printer thats the problem.  I dont know if its the printer or if its something with the wireless router.  Although I thought my desktop could always ping the printer, now it sometimes has issue with pinging the printer, going to try making it a hard connection between the printer and the router and see if the issue goes away.  its driving me nuts