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EG1032 and Wake on Lan

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A couple things maybe someone has solved. EG1032 and win xp pro. Trying to set up wake-on-lan to wake this box. Went into the driver and enabled "allow this adapter to wake from standby" or whatever the actual words were. Put the machine to sleep. It wakes itself up in the middle of the night without the ping. I go back and re-read the advanced panel, and it says that it will periodically wake up your computer.
Am I the only one that smells something on his boots? The whole point is that the computer is supposed to stay OFF until called for. Having the computer wake itself up every so often just to see how the network is doing is quite outside what I expect wake-on-lan to do. Is it trying to renew a DHCP lease or something?
Yes, I tried waking the computer with that checkbox turned off and it just doesn't hear.
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Re: EG1032 and Wake on Lan

I am using EG1032 and I am not experiencing any problems with WOL. Try setting the Wake Up capabilities to Magic Packet under the Advance Properties of the card and try to disable the Wake on Mouse and Wake on Keyboard on your BIOS.