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EG1032 v3 Test Results

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nForce4 Gigabit NIC <-> Linksys EG005W v3 Switch <-> Linksys EG1032 v3 NIC

The test is done by sending and receiving 1GB of data, from tcp socket to tcp socket. No hard disk operation involved.

nForce4 set to "Optimize for Throughput"
nForce4 (client) <- Linksys (server) (nForce4 downloads from Linksys)
Speed: 54MB/sec

nForce4 (server) -> Linksys (client) (Linksys downloads from nForce4)
Speed: 27MB/sec

nForce4 set to "Optimize for CPU"
nForce4 (client) <- Linksys (server) (nForce4 downloads 1GB from Linksys)
Speed: 27MB/sec

nForce4 (server) -> Linksys (client) (nForce4 uploads 1GB to Linksys)
Speed: 27MB/sec

I also tested Marvell Yukon gigabit NIC instead of nForce4 with 40MB/sec on download from Linksys EG1032 and 23MB/sec uploading to Linksys EG1032. The same type of behavior with slightly different speeds (could be overall bad driver or lower end nic).

I have the latest driver for Linksys EG1032.

So, how come I cannot get 54MB/sec both ways? I turned off firewalls, virus scanners, servers too.

Now here comes the funny part. When I run the network bandwidth test in SiSoft Sandra 2007 I get good results:
- Sandra test on nForce4 to EG1032: 56MB/sec speed, 96us latency
- Sandra test on EG1032 to nForce4: 51MB/sec speed, 106us latency

Exactly what I would expect from these two computer setups.

I don't get it. Linksys EG1032 can supply 54MB/sec to nForce4 and the latter can download as much. But Linksys EG1032 cannot download at that speed, only half... I am sure that nForce4 can supply 54MB/sec though.

So... WTH?