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LNE100TX v5.1 working on vista 64bit

Today I got myself a nice new pci Ethernet card the LNE100TX version 5.1.

Happy as I am I open my pc install the card and ready to install the card on my vista 64 bit machine.

Surprised as I am I can't find any 64 bit drivers not on the cd and not on the internet as many of you already found out.

Since I hate to return it to the shop I started to look around and trying things out and lucky as I am I found a solutions (at least it's working for me).

I just installed the Netgear GA311 drivers that is basically the same card only the 10/100/1000 version of this card.


Here is the direct link from where I got it


I hope this helps getting your card working and I hope linksys will fix there drives since it looks like netgear can.

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Re: LNE100TX v5.1 working on vista 64bit

Anyone know exactly how this was done?

I also have a Linksys LNE100TX 5.1 and am running Vista x64 Ultimate. I have several nics i'm trying to get working with it but to no avail. I tried forcing the installation of these drivers on my card and I got a Code 10, cannot start device. Any ideas?

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Re: LNE100TX v5.1 working on vista 64bit

I also tried the above solution and was unable to get it to work. Vista doesn't even recognise it. However, I have come up with a working solution for the LNE100TX running on Vista 64-bit. Check my posting for details: