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More than 2 powerline adapters


I'm really interested in using powerline adapters in my home. The thing is, i would like to use more than a pair of adapters. If it's possible I would like to use 3 or more. Does anybody now which is the maximum number of adapters. My idea is to install one adapter near my ADSL and the others around my house. I would be like a client - server architecture.


Thanks in advance.




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Re: More than 2 powerline adapters

Yes, you can use more than one powerline adapter.

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Re: More than 2 powerline adapters

There is no limit that I am aware of. I currently have 5----one at the router/modem, and 4 in other rooms.

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Re: More than 2 powerline adapters

Hi Daniel,


If you wish to have more than a pair powerline adapters you may do so, ie you may have 3, 4, 5 and so no (but there should be a limit to the numbers of adapters to plug in your house, office ie typically is around 16 up to 32 it depends the type, brand and make of these powerline adapters. Sometimes you may need to pair all of these plc adapters, so they can see each other (talk to each others).


Btw..if the adapters are plug into a different electrical phase (ie if you house or office is running on 3 phase) then the signal or throughput may be effected (drop).


Hope this answer your question.



Best regards,

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Re: More than 2 powerline adapters

Does the powerline adapters all have to be the same make, or can you use 2 different brands?

I currently have a Netgear pair & a pair received for my BT YouView box. I connected the extra powerline adapter to the YouView box but it does not find the router.

My setup is:
1 powerline connected to router
1 powerline connected to a Sky box
1 powerline adapter connected to BT YouView box

Do I need to have 2 power line adapters connected to my router?

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Re: More than 2 powerline adapters

It would be more suitable to use the same brands as you may have to do an update and you won't get into a problem making them work or sync for your network.  One thing that you'll have to make sure of is that you are plugging the other adapter to the same electrical circuit that your router is plugged-in also otherwise you won't see the other powerline adapter which is connected to your router.