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Re: PLE200 - How to Update Configuration Utility and Firmware

TraderDan's procedure works.  I just




added two PLE300s (a PLK300 kit) to a current powerline network of 3 PLE200s.  The key is getting the new firmware ver. 3.3) on the 200s to match the firmware of the 300s.


1) disconnect all your network cables

2) run the setup utility 2.0 (originally for the PLE200s) for the PLE200 you need to upgade

3) I just chose update all when prompted for repair or whatever

4) you'll quickly be prompted to connect the network wire DIRECTLY to your PC and then to the PLE200, plug PLE200 into the electrical outlet, this is done quickly

5) When finished leave the PLE200 connected to your PC and plugged into the outlet, and start the PLE configuration utility

6) The MAC address of your PLE200 should show in the "status" line, select "upgrade", if your firmware version is NOT version INT6000-MAC-3-3-3305-00-1988-20080209-B, then do the "upgrade"

7) in the device upgrade section - browse to the path of the .bin firmware upgrade file (PLE200 FW3.3 Rev2 NA.bin) and click "upgrade" when your file is in the box

8) You will get a "firmware updated" or something like that message VERY QUICKLY.  almost instantly

9) Do not unplug anything, the PLE still needs to cycle

10) click on the "network" tab, then the "scan network" tab...the PLE200 now cycles for about a minute.  Congrats..your PLE200 should now be updated to firmware version INT6000-MAC-3-3-3305-00-1988-20080209-B and your PLE200s will now play nicely and friendly with your PLE300s.  

This took me awhile but all the PLEs are functioning well.


LINKSYS should definitely make this clearer and easier..shame on them for such poor support to their custiomers....

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Re: PLE200 - How to Update Configuration Utility and Firmware

I have a PLS300 and PLE300 running Firmware version INT6000-MAC-3-4-3409-00-3391-20081229-FINAL-B. Can anybody tell me if this is the latest available firmware version for these?


Having problems with audio dropouts (especially with Pandora internet music) with my powerline connected LG590 blue ray player. Tried resetting the powerline adapters (multiple times) and power cycling my ISP router, to no avail.


My ISP conection is Roadrunner business class, 10 Mb/s guaranteed download (1.5 Mb/s upload).