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Registered: ‎01-13-2008

PLE200 Slow Throughput

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What kind of throughput is everyone experiencing with the PLE200 homelink adapters?  I bought the PLK200 kit in hopes streaming HD video over them to the Networked Media Tank NMT-100 without success.  I've been testing throughput with FTP between my laptop and desktop PC and can only get an FTP up to 1.3MB/s.  If I hardwire both devices I'm getting 9.5MB/s using a Cisco 3550 10/100 switch.  These are the speeds reported from my FTP client (Core FTP Pro).  I've checked all speed/duplex setting and everything is negotiating 100mb Full Duplex.
I even tried plugging both PLE200 devices into the same electrical outlet and cannot get the speed to increase.
My setup is Server - 3550 Switch - PLK200-----homelink------PLK200-Laptop.
Could I possibly have a defective pair of units?
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Re: PLE200 Slow Throughput

Check the Device speed on any other computer .... if still showing the same slow speed .... possibly a bad unit ....
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Re: PLE200 Slow Throughput

They're slow no matter what I do.  I've connected the PC together directly to the switch and it works perfect.  Run through the adapters and it is slow.  I even tried plugging both adapters into a power strip (same power strip) to test the speed.  I still cannot get fast throughput.