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PLK300 unable to reset after failed attempt to use "advanced security" feature!

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Help!  I had my PLK300 (PLS300 and PLE300) working great out of the box in two different rooms, and then I tried to set up advanced security.  Nothing works now, and the reset buttons don't get me back to where I started either.  I struggled with this for a week now, and actually bought another set which also worked great out of the box. I did not attempt advanced security and I'm willing to live without it.  But  I foolishly called linksys tech support and tried to get the other units working again -- the level of communication was very poor and they insisted on having me apply advanced security to my new working units as well as the original units. Result:  NONE of them works now, including the new ones that were working fine (again, without adv security) until I followed tech support instructions and they no longer work.  When I explained to tech support that now the new ones didn't  work the guy became evasive and complained of static on my phone line, and made a quick exit after giving me a case number.  Really useless system of support, I must say.


Anyway, ALL I WANT is to find out how to return the units to their original and unsecured but working state!  The 3 second reset does not work, and I have tried 5, 10, 30 seconds on the reset button as well.  Anybody got any ideas??? 


- Dave 

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Re: PLK300 unable to reset after failed attempt to use "advanced security" feature!

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You may just press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds with the Power cable connected, then leave the unit unplugged and wait for 1 minute and re-connect the power cable...


Download 67.3 MB, re-install using the Utility...


You can also try upgrading the firmware for PLK300..You can find the Upgrade tool with firmware on

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Re: PLK300 unable to reset after failed attempt to use "advanced security" feature!

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I had the exact same problem that you did, and was getting very frustrated.  I fixed it by doing the following:


1. Go to:

2. Download Upgrade Instructions

3. Download Quick Installation.

4. Download latest firmware upgrade

5. Do the Upgrade first.  This will completely wipe out your security settings.  

        -This is a good thing as you probably know.

        -Do the upgrade on all units (PLE300 and all PLS300s that you have.

        -For the 4 port PLS300 just plug right in to your router)

6.  After firmware upgrade, follow the instructions in Qucik Installation TO A TEE.

     Do exactly what in says in the exact order it says.


This worked for me.  Good Luck.



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Re: PLK300 unable to reset after failed attempt to use "advanced security" feature!

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Thanks to all for your helpful comments.  I was able to reset the PLE300 and PLK300 units to default by following the quick guide info posted AND by "power stabbing" the reset button -- it took a pretty hard press for 4 seconds or so until the powerline symbol blinked rapidly and then all was good!  I now have 6 units stationed throughout my house (without "advanced "security, so far) and they all work great!  I think it would be helpful training for the long-distance techs to play around with this problem and really see that the timing required for the various button presses is quite variable, especially for the reset button!


Many thanks,



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