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Powerline network Interference

I recently installed a powerline network using the PLTK300 kit. Everything works fine until I turn on the overhead Flourescent Light fixture in the room. These fixtures use an electronic instant-on Ballast. When 'On', the network loses connection, (the blue 'home' lamp on the adapter extinguishes), and the network is broken. As soon as the Overhead Flourescent lights are yurned-off, the network is re-established, and the blue lamp on the adapter illuminates.


Is there an easy, readily available way to shield the interference caused by the electronic ballast? Otherwise, I am going to have to replace the flourescents with incandescents.


Thank you in advance!


Gordon Phillipson

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Re: Powerline network Interference

Flourescent Light fixture is consuming the power, that is why the powerline network looses it's connection when the Flourescent Light fixture is turned on...
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Re: Powerline network Interference



The circuits are not affected by the use of the Flourescent fixtures. I believe that the interference is electromagnetic. Anyway, I will post my experience as sooon as I replace the flourescent fixtures with incandescent ones.


Thanks for your interest.