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Simple Questions about Powerline Network setup

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I am about to purchase Linksys equipment to set up a Powerline network in my house - but I see the PLE200 Powerline AV units and I see the PLEBR10 PowerLine Etherfast 10/100 Bridge and I can't for the life of me (and I am not a novice at Computers) figure out what I need to buy. It seems like either one works on its own - differently. I want to hook up my router to the Powerline network and then hook up about 4 different computers to the Powerline network at their power plugs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: Simple Questions about Powerline Network setup

Hi you may need PLEBR10 Bridge for connecting the router to the Power line and then you can connect as many devices to power line using either an adapter or a bridge.

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Re: Simple Questions about Powerline Network setup

The PLEBR is only capable of data transfer rates up to 14 Mbps over home power lines. This is a generation 1 Powerline adapter.  The PLE200 is a generation 3 Powerline adapter rated at 200Mbps. (Generation 2 adapters are like the NetG*** XE104 rated at 85Mbps). Plug one LAN port  of  your router into one PLE200 and the LAN port of your PC into the second PLE200.   Note that these different generations of adapters will somewhat co-exist in the same building but will not talk to one another. Throughput will also suffer.  The cleanest method is to stick with one vendor's product.  Multiple PLe200s will communicate with each other only if the password is the same. Adding a third (or nth) device requires you to set the password  to match the existing network's password.
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