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USB1000 Jumbo packets

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Does this adapter actually support jumbo packets and can the MTU sizes be changed to anything besides the pre-canned 4088/9014/9216 bytes?

Behaviour noted:
When adapter advanced settings are:
Speed: Auto sense
Jumbo packet: any setting

Upon reboot, GigE mode is negotiated and appropriate LED is lit on both ends of the connection, but Windows uses the default 1514 byte packet size even though jumbo packet setting is set to something greater.

If the "Speed" setting is changed to "1000BaseT, full duplex", then changing the Jumbo packet setting will change the Windows MTU, but now, it will no longer communicate with the adapter (pings no longer work; even unplugging/replugging seem to have no effect). Both sides are set to the same MTU size..

Has anyone got this little adapter working with jumbo packets?

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Re: USB1000 Jumbo packets

I don't think that it does.