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When connecting the USB200M 10/100 network adapter to the ethernet port of the SpeedStream 5100 ADSL modem I get no Internet connection. All the lights on the USB200M come on but no activity/connection to the Internet.
If I first connect it to port#1 on the Linksys wireless-G 2.4Ghz router (WRT54G) I can get an Internet connection.
I'm presenty using a 25 foot CAT5 cable and I'm wondering if there just isn't enough power generated by the USB200M to use the ethernet connector on the modem.
Any ideas for bypassing the Linksys router or is this just the way it is?
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Re: USB200M

it could be possible that the modem is in bridge mode...because if it so , you cannot go online directly through the modem ...
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Re: USB200M

Hi wayfish
Did you already find a solution for your problem?
I experienced a similar issue with USB200M, but with a different router.
If I connect via a 3-meter patch cable the connection is working. If I'm trying to use a different (CAT-5 - ) cable on the same port the internet connection doesn't work. The lights on the USB200M are on, but I'm not able to get a connection. The long cable seems to be OK, because the connection from my notebook with built-in network is working.