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nc100 and WinXP 64-bit

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I'm about to go from 32bit WinXP to 64bit WinXP, and I've got every driver downloaded for my system components, but I can't find any definitive answers to whether or not the NC100 supports 64bit WinXP.  I have't had any luck finding anything on these forums, either.


I KNOW 32bit WinXP supports it, because that's what I have right now (and it runs fine).  The driver is integral to the WinXP driver library . . . .


but I can't find ANYTHING that says such is also the case with WinXP 64-bit.  And let's face it - the latest nc100 driver archive doesn't have it either.



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Re: nc100 and WinXP 64-bit

Linksys does not have any drivers for 64 bit Operating systems for any adapters.
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Re: nc100 and WinXP 64-bit

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WinXP 64-bit doesn't have any of its own drivers in its library to support the NC100 card.  I also spent the better part of an afternoon searching for possibilities, trying various Linksys and non-Linksys drivers (one of which was actually a virus - ouch!!!).


Long story short, WinXP 64-bit support for the NC100 is nonexistent as far as I am concerned.


But the good news is that I just enabled the onboard ethernet on my mainboard, which DOES support WinXP 64-bit w/ the manufacturer drivers, and I now have 10/100/1000.


This chapter is closed.  The NC100 is now sitting in a box next to my old ISA soundblaster card, collecting dust!

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Re: nc100 and WinXP 64-bit

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At least you didn't just buy something (Linksys pt #EG1032 v3, Gigabit Network adaptor - desktop model (PCI interface)), and get to the house and discover there is not even a vista driver for it PERIOD!! - not even a 32 bit vista driver. 64 bit OS is far from being a "standard", but it will be very very soon. Would it be so difficult to port some drivers over for vista for this NIC? Seriously. ATLEAST Vista x86!!!!! I personally run Vista x64 and have for quite some time now. Also am a beta tester for Windows 7 x64, and I dont plan on going back to a 32 bit environment.  Please get some Vista drivers for more of your products out here. EEspecially something so basic as a desktop NIC!!! Keep up the good work.



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Re: nc100 and WinXP 64-bit

I found a defenite solution to your problem.


Download Infineon-ADMtek - Networking - Infineon AN983B PCI 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter




This is a compatible driver for your NC100. Works on XP 64-bit, Vista 64-bit & Windows 7 64-bit OS.



1) Got to Device Manager & locate ethernet adapter

2) Click update driver & click Browse my computer for driver software then click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

3) Click Have Disk. Then Browse computer for the driver you just downloaded.

4) Enjoy!!!!!!!!


P.S. This took me hours to find! But worth it.