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need PCM100 drive for Win Vista.

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I bought Linksys EtherFast 10/100 Integrated PC Card (PCM100)long time ago.
Now I need find PCM100 drive for Windows Vista because I nned use it in one of laptop with Win Vista.
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Re: need PCM100 drive for Win Vista.

I don’t think PCM100 would work with Win Vista... there are no vista compatible drivers are available for this adapter, for more information check out this link 

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Re: need PCM100 setup & drive for Win98

Mine is more basic ... I have an old PCM100 card, but no software or drivers to install it. shows "USB" as the UserGuide and no QuickInstall for Win98 ... Please see Home »Technical Support »Choose A Product »Wired Adapters »PCM100 » Downloads. Thanks.