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Registered: ‎03-08-2007

pcmpc100 driver needed but wont work from download

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 I have bought a pcmpc100 wired adapter card for my old ibm thinkpad laptop. It is second hand and the drivers did not come with it. i have tried downloading the 3 different versions of the drivers from linksys but they do not seem to work properly.
All 3 lights come on on the adater cable when hooked to the ethernet cable but internet does not work of course. I am running an old version of WIN 98, not SE.
Do I need to upgrade to SE or can I just run the first edition? Were else can I try to find the drivers for this adapter?
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Re: pcmpc100 driver needed but wont work from download

Hi…. I don’t think the drivers that you are downloading will work Windows 98. The least supported OS would be Windows 98 SE. So to make this adapter work, you need to upgrade the OS.